How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for your Business

social media marketing
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What is social media marketing?

 social media marketing

Social media marketing is the term used to gain the attention of the crowd through social media.Social networking websites give leverage to connect individuals, organizations via an online network. Companies opt social media platforms because it gives them benefit of interacting with the customers directly.

Today everyone is active on social networking sites and everyone log in their FB or install handle once in a day. So they are watching the updates continuously.

Why it is important to do marketing through social media?

social media marketing benefits

When you have a limited budget then it is very necessary to be careful about your marketing investments in which each penny should be invested wisely. The marketing through social media is considered as the most effective & smart way to boost sales and generate the maximum output out of it.

Everyone in today’s world uses social media, so you can find your customers also on social media that saves your time. When social media marketing is done through social media then the chances of getting connected with the customers are increased and thus you can be receptive to your services on social media platforms and can show the different sides of your business to your customer in a most convenient manner.

It provides you higher conversion rates by increasing your rankings. The relationship between you and your customers defines the level of brand loyalty and gives you more and more potential customers and gives you the opportunity to get more customers insights.

Social media marketing is very cost effective because it reduces the marketing cost by doing it online easily.

How it can be done?

social media marketing plan

Platforms that are used for social media marketing are as follows:


Facebook is a social networking site which was established on February 4, 2004.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site, that connects the people across the globe. When you are opting FB for social media marketing then take care of the following things:

  • Be specific about your domain and audience.
  • Invest wisely in paid promotions.
  • Take advantage of analytics.


Different pages can be made on Instagram for promotion basis depends on your need it can be private or public page. There are approximately 800 million Instagram users.

When you are opting FB for social media marketing then take care of the following things:

  • Use trending hashtags
  • Can organize a contest to engage the crowd.
  • Do post boost up carefully.
  • Post behind the scene to continuously be in touch with the crowd.


You can go with Twitter for short post and tweets. Regular and active tweets can give you so many followers.


YouTube channel is the best possible way to interact with the subscribers and deliver them the content in a creative manner.


It is basically for professional network building.

Strategies for social media marketing that businesses should use:

social media marketing strategy

With proper social media marketing strategy, you can do wonders

1)The foremost step of the right strategy is to set your goals that conquer your biggest constraints

By this, we mean to say that first, you should have clarity in your mind that what exactly you want from social media. These goals will help you a lot to manage everything from budgeting to branding.

Some tips for ideal goals are:

a)Brand awareness

For impactful brand awareness try to focus on your quality content instead of hard sells. If you need high quality of sales you can use the trending hashtags that you can reach your target audience much faster.

b)Take care of ROI

Audit the social channels for managing the ROI properly because it is not an easy task.

c)Deliver reliable content

Always check your content properly before delivering it to your customers.

2.Keep an eye on your competitors

Try to analyze the  social media strategies that your competitors are using, it will help you a lot to determine your position in the market. How they are engaging their customers, can give a more descriptive about the ways in which you can promote your business.

3.Do deep background research about your audience

Just doing assumption about your audience can be dangerous for you, analyze their demographics on social media.

From which age group they belong to, what are their areas of interest? How much time they are giving to social media.

4.Content should be able to engage the audience

If you are promoting your business on social media then your content should be capable enough to engage the crowd. It should be related to your goal and brand identity. Have a balance of different forms of information such as text, audio, and video so that it seems good.

5.Find the loopholes in your own strategies

Try to analyze what is actually working and what is not? how to improve it.

What social media can do for your Business?

social media marketing tool

1.It helps to increase the awareness of your business among people.

If your brand awareness is increasing, then it is reaching out to half of the population of the world because almost everyone uses different social media platform nowadays. Your target customers will get more clarity about your services.

2.Give more details to the customers how your services are able to add some value in their lives.

Social media is the best way to deliver a description of your services with a human perspective. It connects you with your audience and encourages them that some of your potential customers are already using these services and they can also try this out.

3.Connect you with your customers

It gives you a platform where you can stay connected with your customer irrespective of time and location. The informative content delivered to them about your business through this platform will make sure that you are the best option to fulfill their need.

4.Increases the traffic on your website

Nowadays almost every business is doing some modifications as per the change in technology.All of them handle their own website which contains every small detail about the business that is required to convince the customer.

The social media platforms are useful to increase the traffic on your website and this will directly affect the rank of your website pages.

5.Increases sales

Social media plays an essential role in increasing sales. If your customers are continuously getting all the details about the services then it will automatically encourage them to check the new updates given by you and show the interest in your product.

6.Increases your network

If you want to get stability in the market then you should be a smart businessman. Every business is of worth when it is capable to meet the customer requirements but for that one, they should be aware of their own competitors. So they can do the required modification in their services which helps them to take right decisions for the growth of their business.

7.Engage the crowd

It is very important for any business to engage the crowd and social media is smart enough to handle this. Almost everyone checks their social media accounts once in a day, and if you are continuously circulating the information then it is the best possible way to engage the crowd.

8.Targeted advertising

Every business needs promotion and for this, they have to reach out to the advertising agencies that can promote them. But the ultimate sole for this kind of promotion is the social media promotion which gives you the liberty to choose and target the required type of audience.


When social media platforms are used for the promotional basis then it also gives you the facility to track your promotion and pay as per use.

The most beneficial of using it, is to analyze the customer interests on the basis of their engagement and then take the right decisions to increase it.


Through social media, you can connect to anyone in this world at any time, it gives you the chance to build your network in the market.

This network would help you to maintain a stable position between the customers and competitors.

The social media marketing for any kind of business can be analyzed on the impact that it has created:

Impact stands for:

I – for Initiation

Every business needs a kick start. The right initiation is very important to set the right path for achieving future goals.

M – materializing

The next step to create a bombastic impact via social media is to materialize the things properly. It signifies the come in being become reality.

P -promotion

The impact can be shown on the audience when you do the promotion in the best possible manner.

A – Awareness

You can earn profit out of your promotion when it creates awareness among your audience.

C- Creativity

Digitalization is the best example of creativity in terms of technology.

T -Target Audience

The promotion is of use when it is covering the target audience.

Let’s take an example

Suppose you are owning an event management company then let’s see how you can implement these steps to create an impact through social media


As an event manager first you need to let the people know that there is one company named at ‘XYZ’ then can be the one-stop solution if you are looking for an event organizer.

Here come social media into the picture you can create a page on FB or any of the other social media platform so that the audience can reach out there to get all the required information about your business.

It will be beneficial for you also to promote your business with the single-handed page. Another plus point is you have the credentials and rights to look after all the data and analytics of your page that is helpful to take quick and required decisions.

You don’t need to put your lots of efforts to reach out them personality, the social media is smart enough to do this job in the best possible manner.


After a kick start, now you are supposed to materialize the things properly to make them believe that you are actually doing something that can add value in their life.

Give right and authentic information to your customers to win their trust and convert them into a potential customer.

Materialize the information about your specialization and your facilities that you can provide to your customers with the proper budgeting.


Promotion is a backbone of any of the business because of it people get to know about your existence.

So it needs to be taken care very carefully. If you are not able to do it properly then you can’t expect that the crowd will be interested in your services.

You can launch your company on every social media platform and try to target the target audience.


To make them aware of your services, be in connection with them continuously give the updates about your business that can be helpful for the customers.


If you want to become odd one out in the crowd of your competitors then try to promote your business in the most creative manner.

Target Audience

The output is generated only when you deliver the information to the right set of people.

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