[Facebook Live] How to Broadcast from your Computer, Smartphone and Tablet?

Facebook Live Streaming
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If you have been using Facebook regularly, you would have seen more videos than any other type of content. Facebook understands this well and has given users an additional feature letting them stream real-time videos via Facebook Live. On the other hand, it is Facebook’s attempt to rival Twitter-owned platform Periscope, which does live video streaming on Android and iOS platforms.

Facebook Live allows you to start streaming videos in real time from devices like PC, Mac, Mobile phones, and Tablet.

Now, let us look into the step-by-step procedure to do this.

How do you go live on Facebook?

Streaming videos can be done on your facebook profile, pages, groups or event pages.  That is; you can broadcast in your page/ group/ independently or do it at all places together by resharing. Facebook is also planning for “crosspost” options that will allow streaming video to multiple Pages at the same time. This means if a publisher has multiple pages where he wants a single Facebook Live video could be featured, they’ll be able to send it to all of them live as an original post without having to re-share one sent by the main account manually.

Broadcast Facebook Live using Mobile

Doing facebook live in mobile is much easier than other methods.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to the News Feed, and tap the “Live” option in the place where you post your updates
  • Give Facebook access to your camera and microphone when prompted.
  • Choose your privacy setting – during testing set the privacy to “Only Me”
  • Write a clear description of your Facebook live video
  • Tag friends, choose your location and share your broadcast
  • Configure your camera settings
  • Click “Go Live” button to start broadcasting (ensure you change the privacy settings to Public after you tested once)
  • Hit Finish anytime to end the broadcast

Note: Facebook App doesn’t have Live Video tab now, so, if you want to go facebook live in mobile, then you have to log in to facebook in the mobile browser. Ensure the mobile browser is showing the responsive version of the same website that you use in desktop.

The procedures are almost same for iOS devices and other Android devices such as Tablet & kindle.

Facebook Live Broadcast from Computer – PC/Mac

Due to the success of Facebook Live broadcast in Mobile Apps, facebook has replicated the same across desktops & laptops also. For facebook live broadcasting on a computer, you will need to have a web camera/ multiple camera’s, headphones/ mic if you use separately.

Apart from this, you’ll also need to use a communication app that embeds your video & audio recording with facebook live. This communication app either works on the web or through a desktop application. Third-party tools like XSplit Broadcaster, Wirecast, BlueJeans does this well. But one of the most popular application widely used across the globe is OBS studio. OBS is an open source project which is free to use on Facebook or YouTube.

Let’s look how to stream with OBS studio.

Streaming to Facebook Live from OBS Studio requires a good internet connection. OBS Studio live streams content from Cameras, webcams, videos from computer, desktop, etc.  You should have at least 3Mbps upload speed to stream video uninterruptedly.

  • Download the latest OBS Studio and install it on your PC/Mac
  • Plan the method where you want to go facebook live (facebook profile or page or group or event page) – Live Broadcasting in a profile can be done only via Facebook API, which is bit complex for non-programmers. However, it’s easy if you do it through your page and then share the same with your profile.
  • In order to start streaming to facebook live, you need a stream key and the ability to publish a live video through facebook. Go to your facebook page and click on publishing tools tab. Go to videos section and click +Live button. Now, copy the stream key and paste it into the settings section of OBS studio, where you will be prompted for stream key.
  • Start your stream & Go Live in Facebook

Retaining & Playback

Once your stream is live, it will appear on your Facebook timeline. Also, it will show on the left sidebar, if you are streaming from a group. For those who missed the live session, facebook retains the video so that it can be viewed later. This means that hours after the event, you can share links to your facebook live session which you have conducted.

How to download facebook live stream videos into MP4 files?

  • Visit the page/group where you did facebook live
  • Click the right video which you want to download for offline viewing
  • Click the three dots on the right-hand side and hit download video
  • Now, you will find your video in MP4 format downloaded

Final thoughts

Going Live on Facebook is very simple, but if you’re interested in sharing value, you need to put more effort into the video quality and the audio. Facebook is trying to compete with other companies who are doing similar streaming services and give users the best benefits. We could expect more features to be added to the live option sooner in 2018.

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