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digital marketing current trends
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Businesses have direct impact on the websites ranking,that you generate with your digital presence.If you really need to acquire the top position in search engine rankings then you have to realign on your latest digital marketing trends than the used digital marketing trends in 2018. The Google algorithms and other specific assessment parameters are frequently experience some modifications.

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we dont catch up, we’re in trouble.”-Ian Schafer


newest digital marketing trends

GDMS Digital Marketing trends

  1. Redefine the traditional blogging
  2. Increase engagement
  3. Personal opinions and recommendations matter a lot
  4. Offer the variety
  5. Attract the readers’ eyes with visuals
  6. Location and action-based notifications
  7. Proactive decisions by predicting action
  8. Accept digital payments
  9. Automate the marketing efforts

The Google algorithms and other specific assessment parameters frequently experience some modifications. Hence, you have to adapt your strategies to avoid the actions that can affect your rankings negatively and adopt the ones that can offer it a reasonable significant boost. Using these digital marketing strategies can help you to gain better traction in the digital arena and allow you to get better returns.Newest digital marketing trends to be noted.

We have used different authentic sources to know about the latest digital marketing trends in 2019 that will impact your site ranking. While there are a massive number of strategies to follow, we have selected the strategies that are fairly easy to be adopted and promise better results.

Redefine the traditional blogging

latest digital marketing trendsBlog Submission is the major crowd puller and it can never get obsolete. A blog helps you to connect better with the clients and enter their minds. Whether you are just aiming at selling your latest products by spreading awareness or need to establish yourself as a brand, the regular blog submission is the best strategy. However according to the digital marketing current trends in 2019 you need to adopt an innovative approach in order to get the best returns out of your blogging endeavors.

  • Embedding a video in your blogs makes them interactive and keeps the audience engaged for a long time especially if you are writing an intricate, industry-specific blog.
  • Many of your audience may be from non-English nations (like France, Germany, Japan, etc.) So, It is always a good idea to use light words that can easily be understood even by the non-native speakers
  • During your blog, submission exercise avoids stretching the content beyond a limit. Once you have made your point, proceed to the next aspect instead of stretching and testing the reader’s patience.
  • There is a clear difference between a Business Listing & a blog submission. To avoid advertising your own products in your blog section or presenting brief information. It should better be saved for Business Listing exercises.
  • Cross posting and webinars are other ways in the newest digital marketing trends 2019 that can be utilized innovatively in order to enhance the benefits of blogging.

 Increase engagement

newest digital marketing trends

Another thing to keep in mind during your 2019 digital media practices is that Google has become very strict about the quality of user experience. That is why it now goes for 360-degree assessment of the content while deciding the ranking. The refined algorithms also make things easier for it. So, make sure to prove that your content is being consumed and appreciated or at least acknowledged by the readers.

  • The blog submission exercise is not only about submitting the blogs. You also have to make sure that the blog should get the response from the readers.
  • Blog Commenting is one of the best ways to gain better benefits. In which your readers can make your blog submission exercise a hit. So proactively encourage them to comment.
  • Likewise, share your social posts as much as you can, but stick to the relevant groups only. It will help you in sparking a get a positive social media response and help you in improving Page ranking. It can also help you to make better relations via Social media Chat
  • In order to get most out of your social media posts, you need to invest good efforts in community building to maximize the reach of your post sharing exercise.
  • Various engagement activities like polling help you to determine the topics that the readers want to read about
  • Likewise, Live forum discussion can also be used to create a positive ambiance for your post before even writing and sharing it
  • If you want to go a little experimental then you can also consider using Gamification to keep your social media audience engaged.

Personal opinions and recommendations matter a lot

digital marketing trends 2019

Readers are getting smarter and they don’t believe any longer in the generic paraphrased content. They need personal opinions and recommendations. So, try to include your personal recommendations and feedback on any product or plan that you are writing about. It will not only add a personal touch to your content but will also leave a deeper impact on the audience.

  • You can recommend the relevant products to your shoppers depending upon their previous purchases. It will make the shopping decision easier for the clients.
  • Likewise, on your website, including the feedback of your previous clients to make people understand that your company has a proven track record of customer satisfaction.
  • Sharing the customer feedback on review sites is another best way to strengthen trust. In fact, try to include the proof of purchase and use in order to reaffirm the genuinely of the review.

Offer the variety

digital marketing current trends

Publishing regular content is no doubt the best strategy to gain better ranking. However, you also need to maintain a sufficient variety of content in order to connect better with the diverse audience at different times. Instead of just posting a blog you should try to use other content types as well in order to multiply the impact and reach.

  • One of the most attractive content types is PPT or PowerPoint Presentations. In fact, if you have to write content with lots of figures, statistics and facts without giving it a dull, boring appeal then it is best to use PPT for the purpose.
  • Likewise, you can also maintain a better flow by presenting your content in Q&A Sites like Quora that is frequented by the readers with specific queries
  • A PPT is engaging and offers a fresh, impressive look to your content with the use of images and animations
  • The readers might not dedicate their full time for reading, understanding and benefiting from your article. But by downloading a PDF they can keep on reading your long article at their own convenient pace.
  • You can also use PDF for gated content that can be downloaded only after the reader has submitted the email address/other required personal info.
  • Infographic Sharing is another best method to connect effortlessly with your readers and offer them something that is easy and quick to understand.
  • The use of images and flow of quick content loaded with facts and figures leave an immediate impact on the customers’ mind
  • The use of guest post Articles on authentic sites and publishing engaging Press Release are 2 other ways to add a variety to your content.

Attract the readers eyes with visuals

digital marketing trends 2018

Visuals matter a lot. The average time a customer takes to decide whether he wants to read the content or not is less than 5 seconds. The reader takes time to read the words, understand the flow of the language and decide if the content aligns with his objectives. However, the graphic content is quick to communicate with the eyes and is certainly more appealing. So using a variety of graphic content can also help you gain better page ranking in 2019.

  • Image Sharing not only attracts the audience but also establishes your point quickly. So, image sharing on social media, company site, and other relevant sites can help you enhance your returns faster
  • Along with Image Sharing, you can also concentrate on other forms of graphic content sharing like Infographics.
  • Gifographic’s are just like infographics but they can also be animated. The animated images not only entertain but also leave a great positive impact on the readers, according to the digital marketing latest trends.
  • However, if you want to reaffirm the accuracy and genuinely of your graphic content then there could be nothing better than Video Sharing. You might have seen many interview and subject-specific content where the Video for live questioner is used for a better impact.
  • Video sharing will help your content to enter the readers; mind via text as well as sound ad picture. Thus it multiplies the impact of your content.

Location and action-based notifications

digital marketing latest trends

Another innovative technology that is tending to make a great change in your reach and impact is the beacon technology. In this technology, companies use specific strategies and promotional tactics so that people should download there app. The app tracks the location of the user.

  • It helps the customer by making it easier for them to decide the related products they should purchase and also allows the company to increase their sales.
  • At some key points, the company places the beacons that can automatically connect to the Smartphone app with Bluetooth enabled.
  • As the customer approaches the beacons it promptly communicates with the Smartphone to open the app and the app displays the notifications.
  • There is another innovative way in which you can use the beacon technology.
  • You can choose some of the key public areas that can be frequented by the customers who might be interested in your products and notify them about related products and or information as soon as the people pass by those locations.

Proactive decisions by predicting actions

latest digital marketing trends

While the recommendations are based on the customers’ present behavior or action, the smart companies even secure a better position by predicting the actions without having to wait for a customer to act every time. Today the latest technologies have multiplied the impact and meaning of the data manifolds. By strategically using the available data via different means the companies can actually predict various actions and future needs of the shoppers that give them a better opportunity to shape the customers’ decisions.

  • With the help of proactive analysis, the companies can easily categorize their shoppers and that will result in streamlined automation exercises increasing the RoI.
  • You can use the technology to identify what your shoppers are buying and how their buying patterns have been evolving over a period of time.
  • This capability of understanding the evolution of shoppers can help you to introduce the products and services that promise better acceptability.

Accept digital payments

digital marketing trends 2019

Digital marketing trends 2018-2019

Today life has become hectic and people generally complain about the shortage of time. So most of the technically enabled people now prefer to use digital way to get their things done quicker and with fewer efforts. One of the major practices that have gained wide popularity is mobile payment. The people find it better to take out their mobile and pay using a quick and easy app. They no longer want to carry the hefty wallet filled with hard currency. So if you don’t allow your customers to pay via the mobile then there are strong chances that they will find a substitute.

  • Make sure that you should accept mobile payments via all the popular mobile payment apps like Paytm (in India), etc.
  • Go a step further and also offer the people a strong way to save their money when they pay you using your own app.
  • Likewise, you can also offer them some redeemable points on a specific amount of purchase.
  • Offering more convenient payment system can also help in attracting more customers. Allow your customers to paying the advance when they are still at their home.
  • It will help the people who might avoid the shopping lest their budget might be disturbed. By paying in advance they can exactly know and limit the total amount to be spent.
  • You can also use this technology in order to enable the beacon technology. So, by downloading your dynamic mobile payment app the customers can help you increase your sales by sending them the push notifications.

Automate the marketing efforts

digital marketing current trends

There have been many new technologies introduced in the market that are changing the way the marketing tactics work. While the innovative approach of the individual marketing experts is not supposed to be replaced by the apps or machines (at least in the near future), even the digital marketing legends are proactively using the technology to automate their marketing efforts. So in addition to the traditional methods like Email marketing, you should also use automation technologies like  Database Harvesting and AI enabled chatbots.

  • The automation allows the marketing professionals to instruct the digital instruments to automate the repetitive actions while they involve themselves in finding the innovative approach
  • You can also use the automation technologies to find the best prospects for Influencer Marketing
  • Social Bookmarking and strategic event listing to engage more audience are two other tasks that can be done efficiently and independently by the latest automation technologies
  • It helps in dual objectives, i.e., streamlining and quickening the daily marketing tasks and offering more time to the marketing experts to work on innovative marketing exercises
  • Automation can also help you gain more out of the cost spent on Paid Campaign for social media by quickening the process
  • You can use the latest technologies in various ways to enhance your marketing efforts- Right from sending the notifications till measuring the impact and even predicting the next course of actions.


Each New Year introduces some changes. As this year has just begun, it would be better to look back and see the way the digital marketing has evolved. It will also help you in recognizing the most effective and innovative techniques that can help you increase your page ranking according to the latest digital marketing trends 2019. So, in this blog, we have presented the best digital marketing strategies in 2019 that can eventually boost your positions and help to achieve more from your digital presence.

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