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As the internet is expanding by leaps and bounds on a regular basis, it is very important to ensure that you are using it in the best way to enjoy the maximum benefits. In the present times if you don’t take your digital presence seriously then you might be actively losing some great opportunities. The major question here is how to build your digital presence? Here are different methods of making a digital presence but the all such efforts are focused towards personal branding.

In this article we will discuss at length about the personal branding and the best ways to build the same:

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What is personal branding?

The simplest definition of personal branding can be the sum total of everything that is YOU. It comprises of qualification & qualities, experience & expertise, position & personality and the list can go on. In philosophical words, as you move ahead in the life you acquire something unique and positive with each step.

At any given point of time, the volume, contents, and presentation of your “baggage” acquired thus is known as personal branding.

Why do you really need personal branding?

Whether you have applied for a job or digitally requested an angel investor for funding your ambitious start-up, they would certainly like to know more about you before taking any decision. Hence with the right personal branding or individual branding exercises, you can leave a positive influence the people that can help you in your career and business.

How to start personal branding exercise?

There are a number of activities involved in personal branding exercises. You need to create multiple profiles, write about you and your field/activities, post authority articles on professional channels building and following a specific personal branding strategy for establishing yourself as a brand and ensuring that you don’t lag behind at one avenue while trying to pace ahead on the other. You have to simultaneously march ahead on multiple avenues.

Personal Branding Task#1: Clean your image

Google your name and look out for unwanted digital residue from the past or present.

It includes:

  • Old irrelevant blogs that can hurt your personal branding
  • Objectionable, Uncensored and disturbing views on politics, society, and other sensitive matters
  • Negative reviews posted about/by you
  • Varying profiles on different platforms that can interfere with your personal branding
  • Having profiles on the irrelevant platforms

Such content is irrelevant and may even be harmful to your personal branding objectives. Clean up such content.  Delete unwanted posts, take irrelevant blogs off the net, delete the accounts on irrelevant platforms, and check with relevant platforms to resolve multiple accounts issues and so on.

Personal Branding Task#2: Show your expertise and build authority

While googling for our name the people need to know what you know and how efficiently you can present your knowledge. Personal branding can help here/ so, here’s what you can do:

  • Design a specific personal branding strategy and streamline it by slicing it strategically with each phase having a specific timeline.
  • Once you have prepared the personal branding schedule you should strictly adhere to the same with zero leniency
  • Build your own website for personal branding purpose. Regularly post the relevant quality content on the same that aligns with your brand statement
  • Strategically use different digital platforms to post prime quality content aimed at personal branding

Content Strategy for personal branding

Writing knowledgeable content with quality insights, and helpful practical tips are one of the most solid ways of building your credibility that strengthens personal branding.

Side by side you also need to establish your authority as an expert.

  • Writing on most trending or current topics offers you a competitive edge and helps you to remain relevant and forward your personal branding dreams
  • Using facts and figures at relevant places make your content trustworthy and genuine that can help in making a bold personal brand statement
  • Media-oriented content like info graphs, videos and PPTs are fun to go through and loved by the reader’s that can help you a great way in personal branding
  • When using guest blogging for personal branding exercise, contact the editors request them to guide on any specific requirements/remarks as per the present editorial calendar and guidelines
  • Start with the simple forms of content like blog posts and avoid epic posts as they are more demanding Keep personal branding quotients in mind
  • Deeply study the content types published on such platforms and try to identify the pattern that they prefer and the one that aligns with your personal branding exercises
  • All these fine nuances of the content published on such sites can help you a great way in designing your pitch or content in the most convincing format that increases the chances of approval that can help you in personal branding endeavors.

Personal Branding Task#3: Start building the relations

Once you have attracted the relevant audience you should cultivate, nurture and grow the relations with them. Such relations can eventually help you in strengthening personal branding exercises and in many cases, you might get connected to the potential target group that comprises of business partners, wholesale buyers, HR managers, angel investors or heads of the field-specific organizations.

  • Promptly reply to each comment whether it is positive or negative.
  • Invite the influencers of your field to visit and review your blog posts. Getting comments from such experts adds to the worth of your content and help a great way in our personal branding exercises
  • Publicise your content using your social media profiles and if possible include the link to the blog post that you publish on your personal digital properties.


Personal Branding Task#4: Track the performance

The performance of your content on the social media platforms plays a vital role in your personal branding strategy. Track the performance and Keep an organized record of various parameters that help your content succeed and attract a good volume of audience. Collectively these things help in developing your personal brand. See how you can relive the magic by employing the same parameters in your subsequent content publishing exercise.

  • Supplement the manual effort with the wise use of social media management tools that not only fetch you the valuable insight son various parameters but also allows you to save them in the user-friendly format. They automate the tracking process and make it more accurate with actionable insights and make your personal branding exercise easier.
  • Check how the audience is engaging with your content. Keeping their track can help in every phase of personal branding. Identify and track the patterns using specific parameters and yardsticks.
  • Apart from the content type, many other parameters can play varying roles in creating your personal brand via content like- day and time of posting, use of media (graphics, videos, info graphs etc.) in your content, real-life examples or case studies, interesting statistics reports etc.

Personal Branding Task#5: The ultimate influence of the influencers

Influencers in your field can actively help you in fortifying your personal branding exercises. Find such influencers over the net and connect with them using the right strategies.

  • Along with searching for their personal profile you can also consider joining the reputed groups of influences on Linked in Facebook and other platforms.
  • Besides, there could be any websites that are epically built with an objective to connect you with the influencers. Such websites have the required tools and format to help you quickly connect with the influencers.
  • You can also visit the personal sites of these influencers and contact them via email.
  • Keep your approach focussed and make sure that you reach out to only those influencers that are relevant to your field or personal branding objectives.

Personal Branding wants you to be a lifelong student

Personal branding also calls for actively investing in enhancing your personality using the right strategies, learning relevant skills and gaining more experience. Make sure that you remain a lifelong student of your field and actively seek the new avenues to further hone your skills.

  • Learn some unique skills, gain expertise in latest additions to your industry that could be new software, latest changes in the laws, an innovative teaching technology or HR training with a unique concept and tangible benefits

Personal Branding Task#6: Compliment the content with other activities

Along with posting the valuable content over the net you also need to be a part of the industry events in order to boost your personal branding efforts

  • For the best output be a part of online and offline events and value quality over the quantity.
  • Networking, Attending talks given by the industry leaders, being a part of industry-related charity events, joining online forums, being a member of social media groups relevant to your industry and publishing in reported and newspapers are some of the ways in which you can get reputations of a real influencer.

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