8 Social Media Marketing strategies that will hyper-boost your business in 2018

Social Media Marketing 2018
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The internet and social media have reformed the whole face of business across the globe. Every person who either owns a business or wants to start one is looking for propitious means to reach the peak. This might come as a blow for some, (though, I certainly doubt that) but the Social Media Marketing has become one of the best ways to gain profit in a business.  It has been doing rounds for quite a while now helping people improve their business strategies.

If you are an avid social media user, you might have already noticed the number of advertisements and posts related to a company or products in your profile every time you use Social Media. All these attractive offers fall into the category of Social Media Marketing.

Whether an advertisement for some mid-festival deal or the generic product advertisement, social media has promised to offer greater traffic with minimal efforts.

Let’s discuss more Social Media Marketing from the bottom.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In a nutshell, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of marketing a product or service using various social media channels. This comprises multiple tricks and strategies which are proved to be beneficial when it comes to creating brand awareness via social media.

Ever wondered what are those in-video ads while binge-watching a story on Snapchat / Instagram or a video on YouTube?  The ads when clicked gets redirected to the official website of the company which does the Ad publication to let users take action (buy/ opt-in for a service). That is one way of using Social Media for Marketing.

Digital Marketing and E-Marketing are still dominant forces in the academia, but the Social Media Marketing has indeed taken center stage among the practitioners and researchers. I’m not saying that Social Media Marketing has replaced the other marketing tactics, but it has unquestionably created uproar in the modern business sector.

There are 2 main mediums where social media marketing can be done.

  • Social Networking Websites
  • Mobile devices (Phones & Tablets)

Professionals choose their marketing medium based on their usage across the globe.

They analyze factors that includes

  • Where most people hang out? Medium, Channel, Platform, etc
  • What type of content do they consume?
  • How they react to ads?
  • What type of conversion does it bring in?
  • What type of marketing strategies that work?
  • What type of campaign gives good ROI?
  • and many others

It has been noticed that over half of the world’s population is available on the internet and about 75% of those people are available on social media. Now there is no further elucidation remaining as every individual knows how prevalent mobile phones and social media are in our lives.

Why social media marketing is effective?

From waking up to cozying back up in the blanket, an average person uses the phone or the social media for about 3-4 hours a day. Now, if we notice this time, we get the idea how much traffic social media marketing can generate for a company or website. This is the reason social media marketing has proved to be a beneficial means to make profit for a business.

Now, let’s jump into the main question.

How to market your business on social media?

Creating effective social media marketing strategy could be a challenging one if you are new to social media. You need to identify the right platform where your target audience is engaged in and see what they are looking for? So, defining the right social media marketing strategy according to your potential audience persona is a nightmare. But, if you do it right, then it could help you reach the peak in terms of brand identity and increasing turnover.

There are various social media channels available where you can do marketing. Some of the popular platforms where your social media marketing strategy could give better results include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, etc.

Let’s look into each of them in detail.

1. YouTube

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

This is one of the most used tactics because of the daily usage of the website. We all know how an advert is played in-between or at the beginning of a video. Everyone gets pissed by this, (even myself) but no one can deny that it is a great way to advertise a product or company because if the ad is tapped on, it opens up the site of the client. This helps a business to get more chance of improving sales and brand reach.

On the other hand, you could create your own youtube channel and start sharing valuable information to attract the interest of the audience.  You can use youtube to build brand, authority, and business.

Check how Redbull does branding through Youtube.

If you are keen to do marketing on Youtube, then this article could be helpful.

2. WhatsApp

WhatApp Business

WhatApp Business

Whatsapp Messenger does not allow businesses to place advertisements in the app. This is a phenomenal thing developers did to maintain the serenity of the app experience for the users. Still, it is a huge medium for messaging and connecting, companies are still using tactics to use it as a marketing platform. They are delivering bulk text to multiple recipients to gain profit out of it.

But to enhance the communication between the enterprise and their clients WhatsApp corporation has started outa new entity called WhatsApp Business, which lets you fully exploit marketing through WhatsApp.


3. Instagram

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Instagram (IG or Insta) has become a massive platform for emerging bloggers and companies to share their services and portfolios. It has over 200 million users worldwide which makes it an ideal platform to convey information to people. Businesses have started to use their tactics for marketing in the Instagram stories which can be skipped (obviously) or used to visit sites. Not just the stories, Instagram have introduced features like following hashtags and tagging branded products to increase traffic on their products. This update was introduced by the developer recently, but it has already topped the list of one of the highly beneficial tricks.

4. Twitter

twitter advertising

Twitter Ads

Twitter is a globally used and cherished platform where common society, as well as famous personalities, share their views on a certain trending topic in small messages called tweets. These tweets can contain pictures, GIFs, emoticons, hashtags, videos, links and more. All these attachments improve the search result on Twitter and put up a tweet on the top whether it is generic or related to business.

5. Google+

Google Plus Ad

Google Plus Ad

I know you might be thinking, “Who uses Google+?” but this will come to you as a shock that G+ has almost ¾ of the Google’s users. It might not be as famous as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, but it is used in a vast quantity. It is a smart move to use G+ for marketing because it is integrated with other Google products including Google Adwords and Google Maps. It can easily connect your business with Google details of people which can prove to be beneficial for any business.

6. Tumblr

Tumblr Promotions

Tumblr Promotions

The blogging website Tumblr is a huge platform for aspiring bloggers and writers who love to show the realm what they have in store. Tumblr introduced ad products in 2012 which does not rely on simplistic advertisement banners but creating Tumblr blogs. These blogs comprise features which can be accessed on the site and this has made more than 100 brands advertise on Tumbler with over 500 cumulative sponsored posts.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn means strict business as it allows different enterprises and professionals to connect with each other and create profiles. It is a strict business related platform where people usually search profile to hire an employee to look out for a job. Advertising on such a professional platform enables an industry to create a lucrative image for their business or product. People can also use widgets to promote their websites of social pages as well as their products.

8. Facebook

Facebook, is dominating the social media channels and beginning to take over the world.

More than 2Billion people use Facebook every month. With plenty of services and a large group of targeted users, Facebook stands at a place where it becomes a great marketing platform for almost all kinds of business.

These platforms are some of the names which are often used for Social Media Marketing. There are various other Social Media platforms that exist namely Reddit, Vine, VK,, Flickr, Pinterest, Meetup, and many more.

All these platforms have built-in data analytics tools which help you to track the success and the progress of their ad campaigns. The ads must be engaging and meet the norms of culture and tone for most visits. If the ads have nothing related to religion or generic stuff, it will attract more eyes from what you have expected.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

I personally think that allowing the internet users or customers to post reviews and comments creates a sentiment of trust towards the company. This makes the brand look legit which results in more business as the number of visits increases.

Not just not-for-profit organizations, but the government organizations have also started to engage in social media marketing after they discovered plenty of benefits for it.

Multiple Social Media professionals have suggested opting to use Social Media Marketing for successful and more influential services. They have not only used the marketing tricks but have also helped others implement the same kind of social media marketing strategy for more productivity in business. Personal experience along with knowledge or marketing enables them to get more out of every marketing strategy. There are many ways to learn about the best Social Media marketing strategies in today’s world.

From professional services to consultancy, you will find all the help on the World Wide Web. There always have been speakers who have learned all the tips and tricks of Social Media Marketing and they keep organizing events to convey their knowledge to other people. Here is what national speaker Dr. Mike Sevilla has to say about Social Media, medicine, and its traits:


Now a little bit of wisdom by Carlos Gil, the Ex-senior Social Marketing Manager of LinkedIn. He gave this speech at EXMA 2017 in Bogota Colombia:

All these professionals are living examples of implementing Social Media Marketing in their business. They have reached the peak of their sector with a little push of Social Media and Marketing strategies.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

We are seeing plenty of things every day on our news feed. We consume a lot of content going through a single shot scrolling of a social media home page. If you follow the right social media marketing strategy for your business, you could get one or all of the following benefit.

  1. Increases the brand awareness or company name
  2. Generates higher traffic for the selected platform
  3. Improves the Google Search Engine Rankings
  4. Increases the rate of conversion though high visibility
  5. Communicating with clients as well as customers. This improves customer satisfaction
  6. Helps you gain a loyal customer base increasing the brand loyalty
  7. It is completely cost-effective and sidesteps the other marketing strategies that burn a hole in your pocket
  8. Helps people gain marketplace insight by connecting to the customers directly

These are some of the most valuable benefits.

Why not get started today when you can see all these benefits with a single change in your strategies?

How social media marketing helps businesses?

As far as business is concerned, it always needs advancements and innovative ways to catch the eyes of the clients. In this generation of millennials, the best way to catch their attention is by forcing them with the product and making them believe it is there wish to choose it or not. Yes, a person should be clever enough to manipulate the clients a bit in order to gain profit out of it.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2018

Social Media Marketing Trends 2018

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Why do you think companies come up with such attractive images and eye-catching advertisement? They are just catalysts for making the people fall in love with their services/products. Companies use tactics which makes people bad about themselves and create an image that they want the product more and more. Say, some company decides to increase their fairness product. They will make an advertisement where an elegant lady with a flawless skin appears to use the product to get the flawless skin. This is how we start feeling like we can use the product to become something we are not. This trick is used by every corporation to gallop through more visits and views.

There are many companies who are offering their services to the people in order to make their website reach the first page of Google rankings. These experts have gathered all the important knowledge about the strategies along with Google algorithms to beneficially implement tactics for your business.

FAQ’s on Social Media Marketing

1. How much does social media marketing cost?

It really depends on what budget you have for marketing your product/ service. There are clicks starts from $1 and even below $1.

2. What is a common issue with social media marketing plans?

Sometimes you not get expected traction. Sometimes you cannot figure out why a particular content has gone viral.

3. Is social media direct marketing?

Social Media is about sociology & psychology more than technology. So, be social than being on social media. Create custom offers for each customer and be interactive than going behind sharing.

4. Does social media marketing work? Is social media marketing effective?

Social Media is the next big channel apart from the search engines. Many businesses have improved their brand reach via Social Media alone.

5. Can you measure the ROI of your social media marketing?

Yes, every social media network has their own tracking tools in-build.

Final Thoughts

Concluding all the above-written information, I would say that Social Media Marketing is one of the most profitable strategies one can implement in his business. So, start with a basic social media marketing plan and you can start seeing leads through your online presence. Make sure that you gather as much information as possible before you take a step to execute this strategy. Also, don’t hesitate to ask professionals about this or hire professionals.

I believe I have shared all of my wisdom in this ‘little’ write-up. I hope this will give you an idea about the Social Media Marketing and its importance. All the sufficient information about the marketing tactics is offered above with an aim to offer help to the people.

Feel free to put your reviews down in the comments section and let me know what I missed. Make sure to share this article on social media if you find the information useful.

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