6 Simple hacks to create a high converting Squeeze page for your sales funnel

Squeeze page
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Whether your digital strategy is aimed at increasing awareness about a new product or boosting the sales, the major focus (almost) always is on collecting the email address of the targeted audience. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the email addresses are the “golden nuggets” or rather the proverbial Hen that lays golden eggs. It helps the digital marketers to cultivate the relations with the target audiences or prospective clients and gradually grow them via periodical contacts before it finally bears the fruit, that is, the goal is realized. However, the journey time may vary depending upon various parameters. Some marketers aim to send the product or deliverable in their first mail while others might like to go for a series of emails that helps in cementing the client’s trust. So, the million dollar question– How to build the squeeze pages that convert? Have you got any quick answer? Ok, Let us go for a deal! We will tell you some tips to create best email squeeze page. If it helps you realize your goals, you’ll give us a treat this weekend! That’s a great deal! For the price of a one time treat you will get the answer to million dollar question! Just Grab it…

What is a squeeze page?

Let’s first look into Squeeze page definition by Wikipedia- It is designed to get the opt-in email addresses of prospects to make them your subscribers. Whether you are introducing a new product, running a campaign or offering discounts, the first thing you need is to reach the target group and for that, you need their email address. So, you need to invest great efforts in collecting the emails of targeted subscribers for a wider and well-focused reach.

Landing Page Vs. Squeeze Page VS. Sales Page

Many people, even the SEO professionals, might mistake Squeeze Page for the Landing Page or Sales Page. Though they may use the right terms while describing, there is a room for error during the practice if one does not know the full import of the definitions.


Landing Page

The Landing Page can be described as a web page with an independent structure to serve a specific purpose. It generally has a sequential content journey that starts with a precise pain point/key problem and finally ends at the precise solution. This “Solution” is the product that a company wants to sell and it could either be a hardcore product/digital service, WhitePapers, and EBooks or trial sign-ups. Here we see that the sole aim of a landing page is to digitally convince the targeted audience to accept a specific deliverable aimed at bringing in direct or indirect business benefits to the company. In simple words, Landing pages are designed to increase conversions.

Sales page

Landing page of Business Labs

With the awareness of extranet landing page and its technical usage, Internet Marketers can target their desired traffic and achieve their desired goal in a short span of time.

Sales Page

The Sales Page is used for selling the products or services as is very clear by the name itself. Hence the major objective of a sales page is purely commercial. You are not offering a webinar, free eBook or any non-commercial proposal. You are actually keen on fulfilling your business targets/milestone by selling your product. So you would need good details about your product and the key benefits it offers. A sales page generally has a payment gateway, buttons, and options. Did you see that almost every line of this paragraph contains the word Sales? So that’s the one word you need to keep in mind while building sales page. You aren’t giving away something for free but are selling the product to your clients.

Sales page

Get Response sales page

Squeeze Page

Squeeze Pages are solely focused on collecting the Name and email of the visitors via different strategies. It also needs to offer some valuable deliverable to the client like Whitepaper, EBook, Pod Cast or even a webinar. So while the deliverables might vary just as in the case of landing Page, the takeaway remains the same- to fetch name and email address of the audience.

Joan Marie

Joan Marie’s Squeeze page

So, you see that a Squeeze Page is a different grain of rice though it holds some similarities with Landing Page. The major similarity between a landing page and squeeze page is that both the pages focus on influencing the recipients or audience. However, let us evaluate the definition of Squeeze Page.

The main objective of a creating a squeeze page is completely different. Your major aim is to get the email address of your client. You don’t have to convince them to buy a product or start using your services; you don’t have to think about the quick commercial goals but about building long-term relations. 

Ideal Structure of a Squeeze Page

As the major goal of Squeeze Page is simple and straightforward, the form structure is ideally kept short as you are already collecting the email address of a person indicating that you want to continue the communication. You can compare the squeeze page with a short introduction and ask for a visiting card from a prospective client so that you can contact him/her in the future. On the other hand, Landing Page can be compared with a marketing guy visiting a prospective client with a product in his hands that he wants to sell or offer as a sample. Obviously, you need a well-structured marketing pitch to sell your product. However, when you just want to get the visiting card of your prospective buyer you would like to keep the conversation short but focused.

Squeeze Page Challenges

While there are many benefits of Squeeze page you have to traverse through a number of challenges too. There can be many challenges in getting the positive responses but the major questions are- Why should the recipient become your subscriber? What value will be added to his business if he becomes your subscriber? Most importantly, does the recipient get any tangible, quantifiable benefits by becoming your subscriber?

So, if you want to create a high converting squeeze page then you need to be very careful and pay a proper attention to each and every aspect.

Landing page Structure – How to build a squeeze page?

The ideal structure of squeeze page consists of:

  • Headline: Clear, Straightforward and without any jargons (15-20 words)
  • Sub-headline: A bit more detail about the headline
  • Description: Tell recipient about the benefits they will get (not what you need from them). Tangible and quantifiable benefits help you to make a quick connect with the recipients. Something that can be read within 20 seconds an understood by a 5th-grade child. Quick, concise and to the point. Avoid paragraphs and use bullet points instead.
  • Form: Avoid asking for too much information. You just need the First and last name and email address. Avoid asking for the contact number, home address etc. It will only make your recipient suspicious.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Submit sounds really boring. The CTA button should have some positive connection. “Yes I want to earn/get (the exact benefits)” It sounds really great. Surround it with sufficient white space to attract the attention.

Pro Tips

  • As you would preferably be using the short form of content ensure that all the sections of the Squeeze page should be closely connected with each other and can be seen as a single sequence in an evolutionary pattern, starting from the headline and ending at CTA.
  • While we hate copying or plagiarism, we would recommend you to check some of the best squeeze page examples on the internet to get some positive influence. Try to check the pattern and see how you can follow the best parts of the squeeze page pattern without losing your individual appeal.

How to Create a Squeeze Page?

  • Create your own Squeeze Page: Here we assume that you are a highly creative person who can perfectly align creativity, brevity and business goals and express the same in most persuasive manner. You need to have best copywriting skills, understanding of the relationship between content, structure and graphics and are really good at consumer psychology and how can it be influenced by graphics, design, words and content structure.

Hmpphhh…So many of details? But there are many other (more preferable) options.

  • Hire a digital agency or a designer with relevant experience: Here you can get the ready-made solution. Hire digital marketing agency that is great at designing Squeeze Pages. Check their work and if convinced ask them for complete case studies. In fact, it is the most important part. Good squeeze Pages don’t come cheap and you should know that your service provider is expert at designing squeeze Pages that have offered positive results to declines.
  • Squeeze Page Templates: This is arguably the most widely popular option for many businesses both big and small. There are a number of free squeeze page templates as well as the premium ones and you can easily find them via a simple Google search. However, you would certainly require some efforts and mental gymnastics to find the one that is ideal for your purpose. You can easily personalize these squeeze page templates to suit your specific needs or for the greater flexibility, you can use a squeeze page builder tools to add more awesomeness and user-friendly features. If you run a Word Press website you would need more specific themes that go well with your CMS. Fortunately for you, there are a number of websites that offer you best free WordPress squeeze page theme that is either cheap or even free. Three major websites offering you best templates for squeeze page are Current, Estate, and Squeeze.
  • WordPress Plugins: There are many Wordpress plugins that provide landing page functionality to WordPress users. You can make use of one such wordpress plugin to create a squeeze page that will capture the

Squeeze page creation- Best Practices

Convey your message quickly

Many times we take the obvious things rather too lightly and this is one among such things. While sending emails to the prospects we might fail to adhere to our key objective. The main aim of sending an email to your prospects is to tell them about your offer or to be more precise- just to convey your message. Just a message, that’s it! So try your best to keep your landing page design as neat and clean as possible.

By inserting heavy videos or compelling your audience to download a lengthy PDF File (Outright boring –Period!!) you are actually repelling your prospects and compelling hem to hit a back button. They have other more important emails to check!

These things (PDF or Media Files) should be the climax- and the best part should always be saved for last! In fact, this way you are actually disturbing the normal sequence of action.

Wouldn’t it be better than the client should first understand the offer and then click on the relevant link? It shows that you are actually using these fancy presentations and PDF file as a bait to lure your audience for extracting their contact details!

In fact, you can get a better response if you presented the matter as a series of email course. Instead of a bulky PDF file or full-fledged video presentation, the email series is more direct and portable. You can divide your content into multiple digestible parts and keep on sending them on a regular basis. Email course seems to be a valid, acceptable reason to send periodical emails to your audience. Only interested audience subscribe your cause so nothing irritating about it

Don’t overload them



One of the widely held notions is that the more free information you offer to your audience the better. The audiences will value and appreciate your efforts in delivering them the valuable informational no cost and they will reciprocate appropriately- making your endeavor a big hit. The reality is different though.

  • There is a huge amount of free information spread across the internet and some of the information is really valuable with tangible benefits. You are not actually doing any service to your clients by offering them more information.
  • Your audience already has an easy access to a vast amount of information on the net. By offering him more information you are only irritating them.
  • The audience today is smart and will not give away is precious moment going through an entire lot of information you provide him. Why would he go through your PowerPoint presentations, thick doc files or boring video series!
  • In fact, to some extent, we can call these tactics and repellent for an audience.
  • Your excellent content or life-changing videos come with a learning curve and your audience is not prepared to go through a learning curve as he is short of time! So your top rated videos or great content files fetch nothing at all! It is disheartening- looking at your genuine efforts being dismissed by the audience and moreover considered as a nuisance! Nuisance? Now, you spent didn’t spend hours in finding, compiling or writing this great content just to be considered as a nuisance.

Opt for the minimalist approach

Instead of offering him volumes of unasked information you should actually go for the minimalist approach and try to reduce your information as much as you can. While reducing the size of the information will in fact even augment your chances of leaving a better impact on your clients and make a quick connection. More importantly, it can prompt your audience to take the next step(s)/actions suggested in your mail. However wisely reading is not just another casual term here

  • You should ensure that while you reduce the content size you should keep on increasing the overall value of the content by keeping only the eye content – something that contains the core of benefits.
  • Don’t tell your clients the huge amount of information you are sharing with them and how can it help them in different aspects… That’s’ downright boring to say the least!
  • You should rather highlight the briefness of your information and how can it help them realize their potential of easy recipient implementing them.
  • Tell them that there is almost no learning curve involved. Tell them that the quick course is designed specifically to be used practically in your client’s business environment. In short, you can tell them that the relearning curve is really small yet princes the biggest business-specific benefits

Small doses of Information

Instead of overwhelming prospects, you can offer them short and crispy bite-size informative pieces- Something that is quick to be read, easy to understand and practically rewarding. Micro email courses can be the best to offer digestible information to our clients.

  • Try to use it for making your client realize the benefits at least possible time
  • You may also send occasional cheat sheets or short videos that will not only enhance the appeal of your content will also keep the content enjoyable.
  • Your informational, as well as actionable buttons, should offer the instant help or the audience. So while sharing the links you just need to tell your client that he can use intently of his benefits

Don’t ask for too many details

When you create more form fields you actually make yourself confuse the clients. This way you might even be making your client suspicious. Instead, too many requests for feeds try to keep on the major field that is an email address.

  • Is there any way you can justify the form fields asking the clients to add their permanent location, income status or profile. Most probably No!
  • The only two fields that you can fully justify are the name (to address them) and an email) on which you will be sending them the emails

Don’t oblige your recipients

The recipient is busy and by telling him that he needs to take some action you risk losing them. In fact, you can actually tell them that you will do all you require from them is a few seconds. In fact, by renaming your buttons and links you can actually show the audience what would be doing once they click the button or hyperlink

Popup is not liked by the audience as it interferes with their browsing freedom. Some going for unnecessary popup can actually put off your audience instead enhance your impact.

So as if you type then you will be taken to the product page that will save our audience from any unnecessary efforts. You should design it in such a way so that each time the person clicks a button you can get the desired page.

Benefits of Squeeze Page

The positive after-effects of building a good Squeeze Page (and getting email addresses)

  • Each time you contact your audience via squeeze email you actually plaster an extra layer of cement to further strengthen your relations. It can eventually help you with more conversions
  • You can also expect more visits on your website if you can add a few links in your mail series (occasionally) helping an audience to understand specific aspects of details
  • You can also expect more social activities like sharing, liking etc- an important SEO factor
  • Small bite size information is easily digestible by the clients who will readily welcome it.
  • It will also streamline the entire process as the clients will complete one phase thoroughly before you send the lessons on subsequent phases (No hopping, skipping or jumping! You take every necessary step slowly and firmly before going ahead!)
  • Send them small chunks and at the end of each mail, you can also mention how the shared knowledge will add value to their business or life.
  • Also, try to include actionable links/instructions or something to offer tangible help to your audience. For example, if your course talks about using the content marketing in the right way then you might also add the links to some of free and premium content research tools for better engagement

Now, everything is ready. It’s time to focus on driving traffic to squeeze page. If you’re ready to turn more of your site traffic into leads, then you need to create a high converting squeeze page immediately.

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