30 LinkedIn Influencers Who Built A Powerhouse Personal Brand

LinkedIn Influencers
Written by Fahad Mohammed

2017- 2018 has been the year of content creation and personal branding on LinkedIn. With the emergence of a whole new breed of content creators and LinkedIn Video, it has transformed from a job-hunting site to a social network that fosters community and relationships.

Personal Branding isn’t just a luxury or something cool to say, it is everything. Your personal brand is your career insurance policy and is your reputation online and offline. There is a reason seasoned executives and professionals are starting to pay attention and investing in their personal brand.

“Personal branding is about managing your name—even if you don’t own a business—in a world of misinformation, disinformation, and semi-permanent Google records. Going on a date? Chances are that your “blind” date has Googled your name. Going to a job interview? Ditto.”- Tim Ferris

Linkedin Influencers on Spotlight

Let’s take a look at 30 LinkedIn Content Creators (LinkedIn Influencers) who have created a category for themselves through their amazing content and what separates themselves from others.

LinkedIn Influencers are global leaders in their fields and they share their expertise with people on LinkedIn. They have large follower base, not just connections, and create meaningful posts on the most relevant topics.

top Linkedin InfluencersGoldie Chan – Dubbed the Green Haired Oprah of LinkedIn By Huffington Post and featured across multiple publications, Goldie has become a recognizable content creator on the platform. Having increased her following rapidly to 17,000+ and running Warm Robots- a creative social and video production agency it’s no secret that she has become one of the top video creators on the platform. She also uploads daily videos on LinkedIn which encompasses on topics from marketing, content creation mental health and films her exciting travel adventures.

top Linkedin InfluencersMichaela Alexis– Currently the President of Grade A Digital, Michaela has built a viral LinkedIn profile- every message she puts out on LinkedIn reaches millions in an instant. Having written her first viral article in 2016 she has increased her following from a few hundred to 100,000+ in a couple of years. Giving career advice and explaining the power of personal branding- it is no wonder this tooth fairy, coffee loving person is loved by many on the platform. Michaela today is one among the top Linkedin Influencers across the globe.

top Linkedin InfluencersBrittany Hoffman– A Personal Branding and Growth Mistro- she has worked with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk as his Brand Director and other personalities and executives. Let’s say she knows a thing or 2 and has an encyclopedia in her mind about personal branding. To read the encyclopedia, you’d have to read volumes of it.  Brittany works on other high profile personal brands too, which include Marie Forleo, Tom Bilyeu (Quest Nutrition), and Bonin Bough. Being in the list of LinkedIn Influencers, she also hosts “Beyond Influential” podcast. Beyond Influential takes a deeper look at the power of influence by talking to today’s industry experts who get us to consume both online and offline.

Dr. NataliaWiechowski– Dr. des. Natalia Wiechowski is the Middle East’s leading Edutainer. Learning new things without laughing and having fun? – A nightmare for Dr. Natalia! That is why she always makes sure that she combines her knowledge and diverse experiences Linkedin Influencerwith a big portion of humor in her keynotes and in her role as a Personal Branding Strategist.The German Doctor of Philosophy empowers individuals to portray themselves and their careers as brands, in order to stand out from the grey crowd – online and offline. She guides them in presenting themselves in an impressive way and in building an authentic, professional (online) image. In short: She fast-tracks their success – from the inside out. With a social media following of over 136,000 individuals worldwide, the award-winning speaker walks the talk – not only in the world wide web but also on public stages, e.g. at the Global WIL Economic Forum, Hult International Business School and Middlesex University.

Linkedin InfluencerQuentin Allums– Known as Q on LinkedIn by some, he has quickly and created a name for himself on LinkedIn through his high quality and creative videos with a strong message of community. With a strong emphasis on community, Q has created an army of Misfits that are looking to change the game. Other than making LinkedIn videos, he runs a personality branding agency where he helps entrepreneurs and executives craft their story and message so it creates an impact on the intended target audience. He also has recently crossed a million views cumulatively across his videos on LinkedIn.

Allen Gannett– CEO of Track Maven- Allen interviews executives, personalities and seasoned entrepreneurs on specific topics of entrepreneurships from raising capital, marketing and other facets of business. A creative genius in his own right, Allen is releasing his first book “The Creative Curve” where he believes that anyone can become a creative individual and that you don’t have to be born with it. With the follower list of over 55000 Allen is a notable LinkedIn Influencer for the year 2018.

Linkedin Influencer

Aaron Orendorff– Editor in Chief of Shopify Plus & Forbes Top 10 B2B Content Marketer, he knows how to create content that sells. Having a knack for analyzing and optimizing funnels, Aaron has studied a lot on the analytics and science behind creating great content and optimizing funnels. Furthermore, in his spare time, he critics people’s LinkedIn profiles and how people can effectively optimize them (if you haven’t seen the red ink or you want to be his next victim- don’t be afraid to reach out to him, he doesn’t bite)

Influencer MarketerTim Salau– An Austin-based self-taught experience designer with 5 years of experience in projects involving brand direction and championing design thinking through research, design, and community building. Currently, he is a Master’s candidate at UT Austin, UX Designer at the School of Information IT suite, and Experience Designer at GSD&M, a leading marketing, and advertising agency in Austin, Texas. He is also the Founder of one of the largest Mentor and Mentee Community on Facebook which aims to foster relationships between prospective mentors and mentees.

Influencer Marketer

Tim Queen– A creative LinkedIn Marketer, who has mastered the science and enterprise strategies and tactics on making content reach the masses. Through his content, Tim shares insights on the different facets of LinkedIn and how you can optimize everything on LinkedIn- especially if your goal is to get business. His post has been viewed 10+ million times by Linkedin users from across the globe and he has got over 22000 followers. He is also offering training programs on LinkedIN marketing strategies.

Curt Mercadante – Dubbed as Dumbledore for his beard, Curt formerly ran a PR and Advertising Agency but has shifted his focus to coaching individuals on goal setting and mastery. You can see his videos through the #FreedomClub where he aims to inspire and motivate people on mindset and business mastery. Curt is a trusted Advisor to Entrepreneurs and C-Level Executives. Being Proactive in professional network like LinkedIn has made him stand in the list of top Linkedin Influencers.

LinkedIn Marketer

Manu Goswami- A serial entrepreneur and currently working on his ventures Dunk & SuperFan Inc. Manu has been an advocate of LinkedIn for personal branding and content creation. He is also one of the Co-Creators of the LinkedIn Local movement and help foster community development globally. He has been recognized with United Nation’s Outstanding Youth Leadership Award, Startup Canada’s Young Entrepreneur Award, and Plan Canada’s Top 20 under 20.

LinkedIn Marketer

Josh Fechter– Co-Founder of BAMF Media- a full service growth marketing agency and the pioneer of “broetry” Josh shares his failures and successes of being a young CEO and his struggles of entrepreneurship since the age of 18. He has in Top 40 Millennial Influencers to Follow in 2018 list announced by New Theory Magazine. He is one of the Top Quora Writer for the years 2017 & 2018. With 57200+ followers in LinkedIn alone, Josh is again a notable LinkedIn Influencer in the Innovative Entrepreneurs circle.

LinkedIn ProfessionalFyiona Yong– A former corporate executive turned entrepreneur, Fyiona launched Wholistic Coachsulting which helps corporations understand millennials and how to work with them. She is the Co-Creator of #1MinMillennial which was created to highlight the positive traits of millennials but also dispel some common myths people have about the millennial and Gen Z (No, they are not ruining every industry as the media perpetuates)

LinkedIn ProfessionalEli Hochberg- A Proud ADHD fellow, Eli helps businesses come up with ideas on implementing different processes and systems to create efficiency in their businesses and his area of expertise in marketing. One of the Co-Creators of #30DS, he aims to promote consistent content creation for people who are nervous or fearful of posting content.

LinkedIn ProfessionalString Nguyen– One of the early video creators on LinkedIn, she has inspired many to create video. She has interviewed the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, industry personalities and entrepreneurs. From video marketing to personal branding and her love for fried chicken she has helped many build a brand for themselves on LinkedIn. She is also involved in the ICO space.

LinkedIn ProfessionalJustin Wu- Blockchain Growth Marketing Expert, Justin has created a category for himself in the ICO Market- from everything Crypto, he is the go to person to educate yourself on everything Blockchain and much more. Justin has founded several startups with various levels of success & failures. In parallel to all the work he do, he also creates content daily sharing insights on how to generate growth across channels. Justin is a growth marketer, Information Architecture & an Influencer coach.

LinkedIn ConnectionAmy Blaschka– A creative writer and branding strategist helping people tell their stories- she is also a Contributor for Thrive Global and Medium. She’s also co-authored a book with Bruce Kasanoff, “I Am,” designed to help you change the stories you tell yourself and to simply to give you a break from stress, unlock your imagination, and unleash your potential.

LinkedIn Influencer 2018Jernard Wells – The Food Networks Tv Celebrity Chef & James Beard House Alumni- Jernard Wells cooking videos will make your mouth salvate. Well it made LinkedIn hungry to the point where they invited him to LinkedIn and he cooked a scrumptious and delicious meal. He proves that mastering your craft and having a platform like LinkedIn to showcase your talents is there – you just have to seize the opportunity.

LinkedIn Influencer 2018Tai Tran-Tai is an experienced leader and storyteller who previously led digital and content marketing at Apple and Samsung. In its fifth annual list, Forbes named Tai as the youngest 30 Under 30 in Marketing & Advertising. LinkedIn also recognized Tai as the youngest top writer of the year in its inaugural Top Voices list, which included Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Followed by over 300,000 marketers, executives, and young professionals, Tai’s work has been widely recognized by Forbes, LinkedIn, Inc., Business Insider, Huffington Post, TEDx, Twitter, PRWeek, MarketWatch, and Tech Insider. Tai is author of upcoming book Zero to Infinity. He is a proud alum of UC Berkeley and the Haas School of Business.

Amy Jones- Have you got a personalized video note on LinkedIn? No ? Well you’re missing out. Amy was creative in sending out personalized video notes to everyone she connected to separate herself from everyone. She took connecting with people to another level. She helps those who don’t look like they need help—because they’re doing so much, giving so much, and put everyone else’s needs first.

2018 LinkedIn InfluencersSonny Tannan- #FansOf3 and a former Military Veteran Sonny does daily videos in which he showcases life through his son (Om) and talks about the importance of Focus, Collaboration, and… and how each of these play an integral part in ones life.

LinkedIn InfluencersTofe Evans- #PracticalResilience and now Author of his new book “Everyone has a plan till Sh*t hits the fan”. He has done unthinkable mental acts of toughness from running 100 km+ marathons and trekking above high mountains- he continues to push his body and mind beyond incomparable measures. An advocate for mental health and turning his life around Tofe shows that everyone has the ability to overcome their troubles regardless of the circumstances in their life.

LinkedIn InfluencersFraser Cameron- With a passion for helping people, Fraser initially helped fathers achieve success in all areas of their lives and helping them becoming a better parent (#EPICDADS); however, by popular demand, he has launched #EPICMUMS to help mothers achieve success also.

2018 LinkedIn InfluencersAlexandra Galviz-By day she teaches people and businesses how to get noticed on LinkedIn, grow their brand and leverage the platform to achieve their goals. In between, she works with students and graduates, upskilling them via workshops, public speaking gigs and mentoring them into the workforce. By night she turn into a LinkedIn blogger posting her thoughts on successes and setbacks she’s overcome as a student, graduate, young professional, self-confessed introvert and now as a solopreneur in all its raw glory under the hashtag #AuthenticAlex.

2018 LinkedIn InfluencersDr. Mike Morgan- Creator of The Humans of LinkedIn and Scientist, Mike interviews many notable personalities and had people like ShamaHyder and many others on his show in which he asks quirky and creative questions to uncover the personalities of his guests.

LinkedIn InfluencersShama Hyder-Known as the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine and the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by Fast Company, ShamaHyder is a visionary strategist for the digital age. She is the bestselling author of the Zen of Social Media Marketing (4th edition), Momentum; and an acclaimed international keynote speaker who has been invited to share the speaking stage with the world’s top leaders, including President Obama and the Dalai Lama. As the CEO of the award-winning Marketing Zen Group, she leads the organization through explosive growth, averaging 400% growth annually since its start in 2009. Under her leadership, the company has grown to include clients that range from publicly held, Fortune 500 companies to privately held small businesses and non-profit organizations across the globe.

2018 LinkedIn InfluencersDr. Josh Luke- A Forbes Best Selling Author and an International Keynote speaker speaking on topics – Entertainment, motivation & teaching companies and families how to save money saving on their personal healthcare expenses. Business meetings, faith-based events and family events. Executive leadership, education workshops as well as sales team training and motivation. He also puts out daily videos speaking on matters pertaining to healthcare.

2018 LinkedIn InfluencersRon Malhotra-Award-Winning Wealth Planner, Influencer & Success Expert, Author x 4 books, Radio Host, International Public Speaker, Managing Director of Maple Tree Wealth, Founder of ‘The Successful Male Global’ & Creator Of The Success Blueprint Program. Ron Malhotra AFP® PGrad. Bus. ADFS (FP) MBA AFA AChFP is a 5 star rated author and independently voted readers favorite. He continues to create content by sharing stories pertaining to finances, entrepreneurship, success, failures and many other topics.

How to become a LinkedIn InfluencerHither Mann-In Business since 2004, Hither immediately ventured out into Property Development where she built a multi-million-pound portfolio by the age of 25 using no money down strategies that were rife prior to 2008. She then leveraged this portfolio into the world of Financial Trading. Hither learned how to trade 1:1 from one of the best traders in London since 2009 with whom she invested £7.8million. Hither now realises that formal education will never teach you anything about financial freedom and is on a mission to teach 1000s of people since 2014 how to trade forex like she had learned. Better still, she is awarding students with money to trade with when they show a positive track record. She creates content on LinkedIn on matters pertaining to entrepreneurship, motivation and finance.

How to become a LinkedIn InfluencerZiad Abdelnour- CEO of BlackHawk Partners, Financier and Impact Investor- Ziad is known for being an outspoken maverick on geopolitical matters, international finance and much more. You won’t agree with everything he says and you probably think how does this guy get business? Don’t worry, he knows how to make money and to be frank he could care less of what people think of him.

The power of personal branding

Personal branding isn’t just a commodity, it’s a necessity. People do business with people they trust, if people don’t know you, they won’t buy from you. Period. So, understand the importance of personal branding and you will see sales flowing like anything. Here is a sample – how an Influencer would distribute your business message to a mass audience.

Top Linkedin Influencers - Effect of Influencer Outreach

Effect of Influencer Outreach

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Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin, how you can become yourself as an Influencer in a field? How to create a brand for yourself?

Creating a personal brand is not that easy as we speak. You need to be consistent and people should be crazy on the content you share with them.  The first step in personal branding is identifying your strength. If you have already identified the skills you have and are sharing your thoughts and maintain consistency, you’re already ahead of most in building your personal brand.

Want to know the simple tips on how to create a brand for yourself?

Here is it,

  • Get Your Story Straight
  • Do Things
  • Tell People
  • Spread Your Story Through Content
  • Join Communities and Have a Presence in the Right Circles

Personal branding methods

Personal Branding is an ongoing process to establish impression in the minds of more people. There is no defined method, which is the only strategy that you need to follow. It’s kind of marketing. You have to spread your name everywhere, you have to be everywhere and reach as much as you can. The more you reach your audience, the more reputation, and awareness you get from people.

There are various niches and methods where you can showcase yourself as an authority and build your personal brand. Some of them are…

  • Write inspiring and compelling content, which makes you a Bestselling Book author
  • Keynote address/ Speaking engagements – Appear regularly in relevant events like meetups, workshops, conferences, etc
  • Personal Branding Website – Provide a lot of valuable information to your audience on your personal website and get them come back for more.
  • Blogging for personal branding is an effective technique which has made people like PatFlynn, Matthew Woodward recognize. Share informational articles that give value to the readers through blogs and get them subscribe to your newsletter
  • Write guest posts in Authority websites like NewYork Times, Huffington Post, etc
  • Creating a good social profile is one other step in building your personal brand on social media

How to become a Linkedin influencer?

Personal branding on LinkedIn is not a complex job.  If you are an expert on a subject and continue giving value to LinkedIn users, you could influence them easily. People will wait, spend the time to read/view your content.

How to get influencer badge on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Influencer is an invitation-only program. You have to keep posting long-form articles and videos to become a LinkedIn Influencer. By doing this, LinkedIn will spread your content to many people across & beyond your network. The top Linkedin Influencers list changes throughout the year. LinkedIn regularly evaluates existing Influencers to include only the most engaged, prolific, and thoughtful contributors ensuring that their expertise matches the members’ interests. The official page of LinkedIn states that it is currently not taking influencer applications.

However, it doesn’t mean, you will be recognized only if you hold an influencer badge. You can be developing your personal brand by regularly sharing creative, useful and informative content. Apart from this, you also need to participate in niche communities.

On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier LinkedIn is not the only avenue to build your personal brand. If you are providing valuable content, you can do it in other mediums too.

So, it’s time to go and carve out your personal brand.

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Fahad is currently working on his latest venture BrandX Holdings- a diversified holding company that acquires/and or invests in businesses between $1-$100M initially in various industries. He has been notably featured across multiple publications including Huffington Post 3 times. He is also interviews and writes articles on personalities including: Hollywood Insiders, Wall Street Titans, Marketers, Business Leaders and many others as a Contributor for Future Sharks. He started his first business at 13 and later started a marketing agency and joined Influencer Viral in which he learned the power of Influencer marketing and influencer relationships.


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