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Affiliate Opportunity

Interested in making easy money through the event? Now, join as an affiliate partner for GDMS Conference and start promoting the event. When a visitor from your affiliate link buys the ticket, you will start seeing referral commissions in your account.

Join  GDMS’s affiliate program and make money by referring people to GDMS conference – Joining is fast, easy, and free

Get a dedicated affiliate link & marketing materials to share with your friends, family and following.

Track the traffic you’re sending to GDMS website & commissions you made with easy-to-measure tracking links

Earn up to 20% commission on eligible ticket purchases that your users make on GDMS webpages.

How does GDMS affiliate program work?

As a GDMS affiliate, you’ll receive

Baseline commissions are 10% for first 30 eligible ticket purchases made within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link.

You will be eligible for 20% commission if more than 30 visitors from your affiliate link buys ticket.

Clean, professionally-designed GDMS marketing materials (Videos, Banners & Text links) synchronized with your dedicated affiliate links can be promoted in places where your following engages.

Putting numbers to show you how it works


Your Followers in Social Media (FB, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube)/ Email


# of people clicking on your Affiliate link


# of people purchasing tickets through your dedicated link


Ticket Sales you make (Considering $99 avg. Ticket price)


Affiliate Commission you make

- Highlights -

It's absolutely free to become an affiliate partner. Start immediately.

There are no eligibility criteria. You don’t need to be in specific profession to join the program.

Promotions (Link Sharing) can be done in almost any channel you choose say Facebook, Email, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other medium that you wish.

No limits! The more ticket purchases you drive for the conference through your affiliate link, the more you earn.

Our affiliate cookie is valid for 30 days. So, if a person buys ticket within 30 days of clicking your link, you will get commission for that too.

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34/1, Ground Floor, K.S. Arunachalam Road, K.K. Pudur, Coimbatore - 641 038 India.


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