Elite Speakers of GDMS e5

The triumphant digital experts, thought-leaders and inspiring innovators boomed as speakers, representing the boons of GDMS e5 conferences.

Ms. Jaslyin Qiyu

Head of Client, Digital Channels and Content Marketing - Citi

Jaslyin QiyuMs. Jaslyin Qiyu

Designation: Head of Client, Digital Channels and Content Marketing
Organisation: Citi

With over 20 years of B2B and B2C brand, marketing, and communications regional experience in various industries, Jaslyin specializes in brand building, client experience management, content strategy, and multi-channel performance marketing.

She has managed regional marketing teams across the Asia Pacific in global MNCs including Citibank, EY, JLL, Kantar, Credit Suisse, and State Street, driving marketing transformation, building go-to-market strategies, and setting up high-performing marketing teams from the ground.

A self-professed data and customer insights fanatic, she believes that a good company knows the pain points of their customers and the value they can bring to address them, while a good campaign delivers on that promise in a compelling manner.

Mr. Siddharth Lal

Managing Director-Bruce Clay Australia

Siddharth Lal Mr. Siddharth Lal

Designation: Managing Director
Organisation: Bruce Clay Australia

Sid Lal is a domain expert in Digital Marketing (specialising in Search Marketing) and is a speaker and instructor at various industry forums including TEDx, Australian Marketing Institute, DMAI, SES, AdTech etc. In 2005 he used his Digital Marketing knowledge to transform his entire business from an offline model into an Internet Marketing powered inbound sales organization which translated into $15 million in online sales for its channel partners. He has worked with both SMEs and leading brands and helped them massively scale-up their online presence by optimising their Digital marketing strategy.

He is currently the MD for Bruce Clay Australia. Bruce Clay Inc is a global Digital Marketing agency established in USA (1996) that specializes in Search Marketing (SEO and Paid Search).

Ms. Roberta Cianetti

Social Media Director-Condé Nast Italia

Roberta Cianetti Ms. Roberta Cianetti

Designation: Social Media Director
Organisation: Condé Nast Italia

Roberta is a Senior Digital & SM Strategist with +15 years of experience, in key roles of leading companies, developing and executing business & social media growth plans, team mentoring and leadership, brand and campaign management.

She received her Executive MBA with the highest distinction from Luiss Business School in Rome. She also holds an MA in Media Relations from Il Sole 24 Ore Business School in Milan and an MA in Translation Studies from the University of Warwick, UK.She started her career in London in the subtitling industry translating films, TV series and shows.

She then worked in Public Relations in charge of Digital Communications & PR activities for Web, Finance, Healthcare and Technology Clients.

Prior to serving as Social Media Director of Condé Nast Italia, she also worked for Mondadori Group and Telecom Italia Group.

Ms. Prosper Juliet Kabamba

CEO - Digital Kings Marketing Solutions

Prosper Juliet KabambaMs. Prosper JUliet Kabamba

Designation: CEO
Organisation: Digital Kings Marketing Solutions

An Innovative and enthusiastic entrepreneur. With 8 years of exceptional experience in marketing, customer interaction and management. A marketing consultant, brand ambassador, sales team builder and professional digital marketer. As a public speaker and life coach, she is actively engaged with youth NGOs. A psycho-social counselor by profession. On social media, she is the woman behind the Prosperous Woman Page a platform that motivates young people to live a purpose-driven life in entrepreneurship, mental health and spiritual life.

Mr. Leonard

Digital Marketing Influencer

LeonardMr. Leonard

Digital Marketing Influencer

Oklahoma native Leonard Firestone has a truly unique story. Leonard’s story starts as a veteran of the Army. Once returning home found himself homeless. Dealing with the struggles of not having a home or support he needed once returning home. Working as a plumber for multiple years breaking his back and barely getting by. This led him to an idea, armed with nothing but an iPhone 7 and a dream. Leonard began posting reaction videos on Facebook and TikTok. Where he began gaining an audience of people that loved his seemingly over the top reactions. After gaining well over 700,000 fans of people that loved his positive vibes and reaction videos. Leonard began to build his Clothing company “Just One Apparel” and his dream team for his production company “Just One Media Group”.

Mr. Ashish Tiwari

Chief Marketing & Digital Officer - Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited

Ashish TiwariMr. Ashish Tiwari

Designation: Chief Marketing & Digital Officer
Organisation: Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited

Profile – Ashish comes with 16+ years of corporate experience across consumer (FMCG/FMCD), telecom, and new media domains. Earlier he was leading digital transformation strategy for HMC, A Hero Motors Company where he led the digital for the group across the globe. Before HMC, while working at Jubilant, he proactively planned and implemented best-use practices in marketing communications across mediums – trade, digital, mobile, ATL, and BTL.

He is equipped with a post-graduate degree in Business Management from LBSIM, New Delhi combined with a digital and social media specialization from IIM, Bangalore.

Ms. Namrata Dhasmana

Human Resource - Genpact

Namrata DhasmanaMs. Namrata Dhasmana

Designation: Human Resource
Organisation: Genpact

Major Namrata Dhasmana- A rare to find a combination of Corporate Strategy and People Leadership with extensive industry experience of close to 20 years. Namrata is an alumnus of IIM Lucknow with her forte in Strategic Management. Namrata is a Thought Leader Global Leadership Coach and Certified Gallup Professional which is rare in India. She is an MBA from NMIMS. In her unparalleled career, having worked very closely with the team of Center of Excellence in Vedanta, Wells Fargo- US Investment Bank, and presently associated with Genpact, she has gained deep insights into the industry. Namrata comes with a vision of being in Developed India and making a constant shift from being labelled as a Developing economy to a Developed Economy with consideration of the Happiness Index as one of the determinants for the public interest. As a regular columnist in Hans India, she has authored many analyses based on the Indian and Global Economy. Internationally, she has even presented India at BRICS Research Conference in Durban in Entrepreneurship and Governance. She was also honoured to take on the honorary role of President Telangana State for Woman India Council of Chamber and Industry.
Namrata comes with a social cause of economic development and Youth Development and is a regular columnist in Hans India Print Media Namrata Dhasmana, The Hans India.
Globally, she has been recognized as Organizational Culture Champions 2022. Namrata has been recognized by the Indian Achievers Award 2020-21, Most Inspiring Indians 2022, featured in Corporate Citizen May edition 2021, have been on all famous YouTube channels and in media.
Closest to her heart is her service to the nation. A proud Ex Indian Army Officer who gave her 15 years of youth to serve the nation. Namrata was selected as the Woman India Skydiving team and has done skydives from 14,000feet. She has also led a team of soldiers while raiding the 70 KM River Rafting Expedition. In her span in the Army Namrata has led many strategic level appointments and has even led some prestigious appointments like Officer Commanding Republic Day Parade Camp.

Mr. Anupam

VP-Marketing - Quintype Technologies

AnupamMr. Anupam

Designation: VP-Marketing
Organization: Quintype Technologies

Anupam is a senior marketing and strategy leader with extensive experience in driving the growth of software products and services businesses. Anupam specializes in business planning, marketing strategy, new product launch, product marketing, demand generation and branding. He has been instrumental in enabling consistent improvement in revenue numbers across organizations, ranging from startups to MNCs. Anupam was recognized as “Most Influential Martech Leader” at the World Marketing Congress in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Anupam has been featured as a speaker and panelist at global conferences. He has also served as a member of the Editorial Board for Airport Focus International, a UK-based magazine. Anupam is also an author with a couple of fiction novels to his credit, that have been featured in leading newspapers.

Ms. Payal Bachwani

Founder - Peonies Digital

PayalMs. Payal Bachwani

Designation: Founder
Organization: Peonies Digital

A young dynamic Google Certified professional who thrives for the business success, working with multi-industry entrepreneurs and helping them to achieve their desired ROI. Having 6 years of experience in diversified marketing channels and Founder of PEONIES DIGITAL.

Mr. Bala Kumaran

Founder & CEO - Brandstory.in

Bala KumaranMr. Bala Kumaran

Designation: Founder & CEO
Organisation: Brandstory.in

From being a first-generation entrepreneur to becoming a serial entrepreneur, meet Balakumaran, the 35-year-old management consultant and NIFT alumnus.

BrandStory Digital, the first startup that he founded in 2014, today employs over 120 people providing digital, media, and brand solutions. Over the last 8 years, Bala has charted growth stories for over 500+ brands across the US, Middle East, and India.

To these brands, he has lent his expertise by providing brand and digital strategies, implementing digital roadmaps, and delivering ROI on digital investments.

He continuously strives to empower businesses to adapt simplified tech solutions. Being an experienced professional in providing strategies with a 360° approach in the Digital space he specializes in brand and digital enablement. He has a proven experience in building, leading, and managing high-performance, cross-functional creator and marketing teams.

His versatility spans Brand Management, E-Commerce, Digital Transformation & New Business Development. He extends his expertise as a CMO on-demand to various brands across industries.

A Rotarian, an avid reader, and a Salsa & Bachata artist, Bala is open for collaboration across Digital Marketing, Digital Products, Data Analytics & Growth Acceleration.

Mr. Kunal Moon

Account Management & Sales, BFSI - Gupshup

Kunal MoonMr. Kunal Moon

Designation: Account Management & Sales – BFSI
Organization: Gupshup

Kunal Moon is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and COEP. He is a digital transformation consultant, TEDx Speaker and Artist (Painting/Writing).

Kunal Moon’s journey encapsulates spikes of highs and lows in multiple sectors like Banking, IT, Political Consulting, and Arts. A glance of his experiences span from – breaking a Guinness world record with his art group – ELAN, designing & publishing international anthology book, defining strategic imperatives for Indian banks and political parties, exhibiting arts on national and international platforms, and presenting the company on national CXO conclaves. Currently, He is working with Gupshup Technologies handling Solutioon sales for Communications. These rollercoaster rides of experiences will be of a great learning for the young minds.

A few events where Kunal have spoken publicly-
• Speaker at TEDxYCCE, 2021,
• Keynote Speaker at TAPMI Institute, India, 2021,
• International Consulting Panel Discussion- at IIM Sambhalpur, 2021
• Title Waves, India – 1st ever art event, 2021
• ETBFSI CXO Conclave 2019
• ‘The Better India’ Channel, 2018
• Indian Art Festival, 2017
• Dubai International Horse Fair, 2018
• Darpan Art Gallery, India, 2017

Mr. Mukundan A P

Board of Director & EVP - Asia Pacific & Japan, Champions Group

MukundanMr. Mukundan A P

Designation: Board of Director & EVP
Organisation: Asia Pacific & Japan, Champions Group

Mukund is a Board of Director sought-after Data Scientist and a pivotal contributor to CMO and CXO strategies in the JAPAC region. Mukund’s knowledge of Marketing Data Science helps marketing teams to analyze customer data and get a complete view of the buyer journey. His data-driven predictive analytics solutions are helping marketers decode customer affinity, boost response, and reduce churn. These solutions identify the highest value customers and address them with the right offer at the right time. Through his suggestions, marketing and sales leaders across industries and the B2B and B2C spectrum can launch highly effective marketing campaigns.

The application of Mukund’s Marketing Data Science expertise also makes a huge difference in finding customized approaches to the industry’s customer segmentation queries. His customer segmentation and research strategy with knowledge of statistical visualization allow marketers to slice the data and group customers. With Mukund’s help, some of our Fortune 500 Clients and upcoming Unicorn Companies in the JAPAC region are now able to group customers into segments according to the coincidences of particular criteria and characteristics – for example – segmentation based on touchpoint engagement or segmentation based on purchase patterns among many other kinds of analytics.

As a Marketing Data Scientist and Director of our JAPAC Operations, Mukund is helping our clients in this region understand and tap into a hyper-complex regional landscape. His initiatives drive rich insights for clients who want to make informed decisions while allocating budget for any new endeavor, product or service launch, or promotion. Since our inception in 2015, our clients have come to value Mukund’s consulting and advice to make the most of their valuable investments.

Mukund’s knowledge of advanced micro-segmentation based on campaign engagement and customer behavior is helping marketers save millions of dollars of wasted spending. They can now divert valuable and committed budgets for making inroads into new markets with the best data view crafted by Mukund’s expertise. It is helping marketers to segment customers into more specific categories based on behavioral intentions. Whether the need of the hour is about loading new marketing leads into the CRM or adding more actionable insights to existing data, our JAPAC region clients always look forward to his consulting advice and inputs. Our JAPAC region clients can venture into newer markets and launch highly effective campaigns for new territories.

Analyzing the impact of data that traverses millions of search volumes and channels where these different customers exist is a crucial challenge for our clients. This is where data science solutions tailored by Mukund make a big difference and help the modern enterprise prepare for new digital realities and awareness complexities.

Mukund specializes in firstly recognizing the micro-segments that exist within any given market. His data-driven expertise thereafter helps tailor communication to address the niche JAPAC audience’s most pressing needs specifically. It’s making our clients highly context-aware while developing adequate empathy or response towards their customer landscape.

The business impact and laurels we got the D&B Business Eminence Award continuously for 3 years (2019, 2020 & 2021)

Ms. Diane Sidden

Manager, Marketing Analytics - Audience Strategy- KPMG US

Diane Sidden Ms.Diane Sidden

Designation: Manager, Marketing Analytics – Audience Strategy
Organisation: KPMG US

Experienced and passionate marketing and IT professional focused on developing customer-centric, audience-led omnichannel experiences. Expertise in Adobe Audience Manager, Salesforce, Google Ads and Analytics. Conference speaker at digital events such as Digital Summit, Hero Conference, Oracle Modern Marketing Experience, Internet Summit and Search Insider Summit.

Mr. Bella Victor

CEO - Socialander

Bella VictorMr.Bella Victor

Designation: CEO
Organisation: Socialander

Bella Victor is a Marketing Professional with over 8 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. He holds an inbound marketing certification from Hubspot, a Social Media Certification from Hootsuite, and a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from Digital Marketing Institute. He has done intensive leadership training with the Young African Leaders Initiative, GIMPA, Ghana.

Bella Victor has empowered over 1000 student entrepreneurs and startups through his student business club and social media training and increasing their online presence. Bella is passionate about emerging technologies in the social space, Bella is involved with non-profits for low-income and first-generation students.

Bella was the winner of the Ideatrophy business challenge 2015 where he represented this country in South Africa alongside other countries.

Followed by over 20,000 marketers, executives, and young professionals, Bella Victor is the author of 3 books which are The Power of Social Media, Instagram Authority and Grant Winning Secret. He is a proud member of Hexavia Business Cub.

For press inquiries, speaking, and advising opportunities, contact: Bella@socialander.com
Follow Bella Victor on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter & Instagram: @iambellavictor

Specialties: Social Media, New Media, Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, Brand Strategy, Product Marketing.

Ms. Claire

Ms. Claire

Director of Marketing-Nottingham Girls' High School


Designation: Director of Marketing
Organisation: Nottingham Girls’​ High School

Founder of anti-racist blog “Oo! That’s A Bit Racey!”, Claire has become a leading voice for Diversity and Inclusion in the Nottinghamshire community in the UK. Her determination to get more people talking about racial equality, has led Claire to become a Trustee for the Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature, patron of Real Talk TV and writer for The Black Policy Institute. Claire works in education as the Diversity and Inclusion lead for the Girls’ Day School Trust, a network of 25 schools, where she is also the Director of Marketing for Nottingham Girls’ High School. Claire has enjoyed a successful Marketing career across a number of industries and has a passion for understanding people and driving change.

Mr. Felipe Bazon

Chief SEO Officer - HEDGEHOG

Felipe BazonMr.Felipe Bazon

Designation: Chief SEO officer
Organisation: Hedgehog Digital

CSO (chief SEO officer) at Hedgehog Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Cornwall UK, with offices in Bedford UK, and São Paulo Brasil. Since 2015 Felipe Bazon is listed as one the top 3 SEOs in Brazil, having won the title in the same year. With over 10 years of experience in SEO and Content Marketing, Felipe managed over 100 SEO projects for multinational companies in Brasil, UK and Europe.

Mr. Harish Srigiriraju

Distinguished Engineer, Product Management - Verizon

Mr.Harish Srigiriraju

Designation: Distinguished Engineer, Technical Product Management
Organisation: Verizon

Harish Srigiriraju is a Distinguished Engineer at Verizon. He has expertise in leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to improve and promote apps. He has led several cross-functional projects to draw insights on user behavior and develop new features with help of various analytics tools and models. He has prior experience in software programming and graduated from Kellogg School of Management with an MBA.

Mr. Raja Manoharan

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing - Kissflow

Raja Manoharan Mr.Raja Manoharan

Designation: Senior Manager – Digital Marketing
Organisation: Kissflow

A Seasoned Digital Marketing professional with more than 15 years of hands-on industry experience, Raja hails certification in marketing management from Indian Institute of Management. He has experience in end to end digital marketing space with extensive knowledge in B2B space and Mobile Marketing industry.

Mr. Sanjay Sauldie

Chief Executive Officer -iROI Global OÜ

Sanjay SauldieMr.Sanjay Sauldie

Designation: Chief Executive Officer
Organisation: iROI Global OÜ

Sanjay Sauldie is Director of the European Internet Marketing Institute EIMIA and CEO of digital marketing consulting agency sauldie.org. Awarded with the Internet Oscar “Golden Web Award” by the International Association of Webmasters in Los Angeles/USA and twice with the “Innovation Award of the Initiative Mittelstand”, he is one of the most sought-after European experts on the topics of digitization in companies and society.

In his lectures and seminars, Sanjay ignites a firework of impulses from practice for practice. He manages to make the complex world of digitisation understandable for everyone in simple words. Sanjay Sauldie captivates his listeners with his pictorial language and encourages them to put the valuable tips into practice immediately – a real enrichment for every event!

Mr. Tim Hines

Founder + CMO - Marketing Starter Group

Tim Hines Mr.Tim Hines

Designation: Founder + CMO
Organisation: Marketing Starter Group

Tim, a.k.a. The Marketing Starter, is an author, podcast show host, keynote speaker, and consultant who shows people how to harness the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to accel in all that they do.

Tim specializes in developing omnichannel marketing programs within the tech industry and partnering with startups to get their dreams off the ground. With nearly 20 years of experience, Tim has developed strategic marketing initiatives with a multitude of clients including Dialpad, Tribune Media, Ticketmaster, and the CIA.

Mr. Graham Vosburg

Director of Digital Marketing - Kickfurther

Graham Vosburg Mr.Graham Vosburg

Designation: Senior Manager – Director of Digital Marketing
Organisation: Kickfurther

Im a demand generation leader with a soft spot for copywriting and brand design.

My background includes significant experience with both B2B and B2C roles (and, regrettably, a mullet for a number of years in my youth). In both worlds, I’ve enjoyed developing and deploying the strategy, spend, creative and copy that drove improvements in cost to acquisition as well as overall lead volume.

I enjoy working with teams as they approach and round a corner in their growth. Ask me about search engine marketing, demand generation, partnership marketing, outbound email programs, conversion rate optimization, copywriting, go-to-market strategy and Buffalo-based sports teams.

Usually the coworker that buys donuts.

Mr. Juntae DeLane

Founder & Chief Strategist -DIGITAL DELANE

Juntae DeLane Mr.Juntae DeLane

Designation: Founder & Chief Strategist
Organisation: DIGITAL DELANE

Juntae DeLane is a sought-after strategist, thought-leader, and influencer. He is the Founder & CEO at Digital Delane, a full-service digital marketing agency, the Founder of Digital Branding Institute. He is often noted as a Top Social Media and Content Marketing Influencer and has spoken around the world advancing the practice of digital branding. If you can’t catch him on stage or online (@JuntaeDeLane), you can probably find him at the gym, doing his 1,000th push-up. #notreally

Ms. Reena Jagtap

Lead Digital Marketing -Henkel

Reena Jagtap Ms.Reena Jagtap

Designation: Lead Digital Marketing
Organisation: Henkel

I started my career as a Production Engineer and worked with the R&D team that manufactured Switch Gears and EOM’s for L&T. I then pursued my MBA and specialized in Brand Communications from Symbiosis International University. I have almost 9 years of experience with Marketing as an expertise in both the B2C and B2B industries. I have been responsible for managing the Digital and Marketing communication strategy for leading brands like Audi India and Henkel Adhesive Technologies. I am driven by my passions and truly love engaging myself in exploring and learning new trends and technologies, mentoring young talent and creating an impact in everything I put my mind into. I have taught Masters and Undergrad students at the Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Germany as a guest lecturer covering topics on Digital Marketing for Luxury brands and Marketing for International Business students. I am also a mentor at the 30 Minute University of Planning community on LinkedIn

Ms. Stephanie Gutnik

Global Head of DOOH - Yahoo

Stephanie GutnikMs.Stephanie Gutnik

Designation:Global Head of DOOH
Organisation: Yahoo

Stephanie Gutnik is the Global Head of DOOH at Yahoo, responsible for defining overall strategy, product features and go-to-market plans for the channel. She previously held roles as Vice President, Digital Strategy and Programmatic Sales at OUTFRONT Media and Vice President, Business Development at Broadsign. She also ran Marketing for Broadsign and worked in ad sales at News Corp.

Stephanie is a frequent public speaker, discussing programmatic DOOH, cross-media synergies and business strategy at international events. Sitting on the Board of Directors of the Digital Signage Federation and Canadian Association of New York, she is also the Co-Chair of the OAAA Innovations Committee, on the DSE Advisory Board and is involved with the DPAA. Stephanie graduated with a BA from McGill University, a MBA from Edinburgh Business School and is currently pursuing a doctorate studying the advertising effects of CTV and DOOH.

Mr. Yasir Chowdhrey

Head Of Digital Marketing -DHL Express Malaysia

Yasir Chowdhrey Mr.Yasir Chowdhrey

Designation: Head Of Digital Marketing
Organisation: DHL Express Malaysia

A growth hacker with over 11 years of experience across 3 countries in the Asia Pacific. He is a commercial all-rounder who blends his deep understanding of business with his zeal for digital marketing.
His core expertise is in Growth Marketing, Customer Experience, and Lead generation.
As an avid learner, Yasir writes regularly on Quora/ LinkedIn. He enjoys fresh perspective and teaching/coaching comes naturally to him. He loves to share and can be contacted for coaching / mentoring on LinkedIn.

Mr. Kenny Ong

CEO -Astro Radio and Rocketfuel Entertainment , Director - ASTRO MEDIA SOLUTIONS

Kenny Ong Mr.Kenny Ong

Designation: CEO
Organisation: Astro Radio and Rocketfuel Entertainment

Kenny is the CEO of ASTRO RADIO, Malaysia’s no. 1 radio network, and ROCKETFUEL ENTERTAINMENT, a media & entertainment, record label, and talent management company. In addition, he is also the Director of ASTRO MEDIA SOLUTIONS, spearheading integrated media solutions, driving advertising revenue and Adex share across Astro Group’s media properties.

Kenny is also serving as Chairman, Communications and Multimedia Content Forum (CMCF).

Prior to joining Astro, Kenny held senior positions at Universal Music Group, Unilever, Takaful Ikhlas and CNI Holdings. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) from the University of Manchester, UK.

Mr. Dave Makin

President & Creative Director- Nexus

Dave MakinMr.Dave Makin

Designation:President & Creative Director
Organisation: Nexus

Born in England, raised in Canada, and now living in America, July 4th is a very confusing time for Dave. He started Nexus 6 almost 6 years ago with the desire to make marketing more personal, more human again. He also did it because he’s a terrible employee and couldn’t hold down a steady job. Nexus 6 has won several Best Company awards and Dave has given keynotes throughout the country.but

#nexus6 #dontsuck #marketingagency #marketing #marketingagencylife #storyselling

Mr. Soma Ganti

Managing Director and Adobe Lead - Accenture

Soma Ganti Mr.Soma Ganti

Designation: Managing Director and Adobe Lead
Organisation: Accenture

I am a Managing Director at Accenture and have 20+ years of experience in Digital Delivery.
I have led a number of international, complex projects related to enterprise , Business and Experience transformations across a range of industries.
I have worked on enterprise digital strategies and led their subsequent implementations on topics such as Digital/eCommerce, Sales and Marketing, Marketing Transformation and experience transformation.
I currently lead the Adobe Capability for Accenture in India and Marketing Transformation for our clients from India.

Ms. Val Anzaldo

Associate Creator Manager -LinkedIn

Val Anzaldo Ms.Val Anzaldo

Designation: Associate Creator Manager
Organisation: LinkedIn

I’m Val Anzaldo, a feminist Latina who thrives on creating new futures in the intersection among creativity, technology, and education.

Mr. Tobi Asehinde

Founder & Chairman - Digital Marketing Skill Institute

Tobi AsehindeMr.Tobi Asehinde

Designation:Founder & Chairman
Organisation: Digital Marketing Skill Institute

Tobi Asehinde is a passionate entrepreneur, global speaker, digital transformation and business growth expert.

Tobi’s entrepreneurial journey started while he was in his final year at the University of Portsmouth, launching an hotel booking platform that failed and led him to learn digital marketing.

Fast forward to the present day, Tobi is the Founder and CEO of Digital Marketing Skill Institute (DMSI) where he is championing the operation and global expansion model that is building a global EdTech Business with over 115,384 learners in over 37 countries and 4 continents.He is currently the digital communication adviser to the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce and the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce. He has also worked as a Web Consultant to the Lagos Eko Project (a collaboration between the World Bank and Lagos State Government). He is a governing council member of the Nigeria-Britain Association.
He has also been recognised in the United Kingdom by The Portsmouth Enterprise as “an entrepreneur to watch in Africa”. Also Inside Watch Africa endorsed him as an “Upwardly Mobile Young African Tech Entrepreneur.”

Mr. Vivek Khandelwal

Founder - Work Readiness Hub

Vivek KhandelwalMr.Vivek Khandelwal

Designation: Founder
Organisation: Work Readiness Hub

Vivek is a relationship, result-oriented, and network-driven professional with over 60k hours of experience from the Consumer space across Urban and Rural Retail covering Modern and General Trade, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Youth Marketing, and Influencer Marketing areas. He has played multiple roles at Leadership position managing large teams of people.

He has worked across varied sectors including Retail, FMCG, Fashion, Pharma, Wellness, and Toys with extensive travel within India and various international markets.

He possesses multi-industry experience and is now serving as a Mentor and Trainer to the Youth Community. He serves in the capacity of a Mentor cum Advisor to Educational institutions and Mid-sized organizations and helps them by playing the role of a Change Catalyst.

With his professional side comes the blending of his social side which has been equally strong. He has been engaged on a variety of community initiatives for over 25 years now. Currently, in addition to being a Rotary member, he also serves at GOI’s Atal innovation Mission.

Currently, he is on a Mission to navigating the youth on their career and workplace needs by striving to build on their skillsets relevant to the workplace environment and also assisting organisations to achieve growth on multiple fronts from Strategy through to Execution.

Mr. Nadim Kuttab

Co-Founder & CEO- 6H Agency

Nadim Kuttab Mr.Nadim Kuttab

Designation: Co-Founder & CEO
Organisation: 6H Agency

Nadim has spent the last 4 years taking apart native traffic source algorithms to understand how to spend efficiently and scale aggressively. He’s launched thousands of campaigns, spending a healthy 8-figures on native as a media buyer.

In early 2021, he co-founded 6H Agency with the goal of becoming the largest native ad agency in the world. Currently sitting on double-digit market share in Germany with 6H Agency, Nadim will break down the steps for success on Native Ads through the use of performance-driven content, giving performance marketers an alternative to Google and Facebook.

Ms. Tanvi Saxena Parekh

AVP Marketing-UpsideLMS

Tanvi Saxena Parekh Ms.Tanvi Saxena Parekh

Designation: AVP Marketing
Organisation: UpsideLMS

Tanvi S Parekh is a marketing expert with over 18+ years of experience in the industry. She is known for her creativity and innovative ideas. She has worked with some different & global organisations. Marketing has always been her area of core interest & experiments. She believes good marketing is a mind game.
She has studied from some of the top institutions in India & the world such as MICA, ISB, University of Pennsylvania. She is also an active content creator on social media and a certified mental health therapist. She has published 2 books on mindfulness & affirmations.

Ms. Roxane Chabassier

Digital Marketing Director - Saya Agency

Roxane ChabassierMs.Roxane Chabassier

Designation: Digital Marketing Director,
Organisation: Saya Agency

With over a decade of experience in project-specific customer funnel optimization, retargeting, and service, this marketer is highly specialized in marketing to millennials and gen-zers. She has worked with some of the biggest names in business, like Canon, TikTok, Fiverr, Grubhub, Bath & Body Works and more. Her no-nonsense approach and bold tone of voice make her a force to be reckoned with in the world of gen-z and millennial marketing.

Ms. Tanu Javeri

Head of SEO -IDG Communication

Tanu JaveriMs.Tanu Javeri

Designation: Head of SEO
Organisation: Foundry (Formly IDG Communication)

Tanu Javeri is an accomplished Digital Marketer developing transformational business strategy for a digital world. She has over 20 years of experience in B2B and B2C digital marketing. Her experience spans Digital Analytics, SEO, and Paid Search.

She developed a SEO framework to research and execute product-level digital optimization that drove the strategy for over 200+ key product projects completed worldwide resulting in increased ranking, traffic, engagement and lead generation. The approach won IBM CMO award and an industry award.

Ms. Martine Cade

Digital Content Marketing Strategist -Kaderique Media Boutique

Martine CadetMs. Martine Cadet

Designation: Digital Content Marketing Strategist
Organisation: Kaderique Media Boutique, LLC

Martine Cadet is a Social Media Content Strategist and Creator, Adjunct Professor and Professional Speaker. She helps her clients convert viewers into paying clients, never run out of things to say, and are confident in connecting with their audience by mastering the skill of storytelling on their social platforms.

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